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hello fellow sheepies!!

I was extended a lovely invitation to come and join this comminity and become your Queen :P

I have had the desktop sheep for about .. hrm at least 7 years or more.
I have stuffed sheep all over my home (sadly, no Poe, can't get him in Australia :/)

My lj is chokkers with the sheepie!
Background, moodicons and a lil image between the comments.
I also made the peeing sheep invade livejournal! He's been making the rounds since May last year :D

The peeing sheep shall
invade Livejournal!
All hail the peeing sheep!

*blame nonnas for this!*

And, I got a community named frottingsheepfrottingsheep

Very excited to see so many sheepie lovers!!
I don't mind if anyone wants to use my icons (just please leave a note) or moodthingys (I can zip the moodicons for anyone with a paid account that wants to use them, it's up to you to upload them and do the whole console thing tho!)

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